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Quarterly Iwi Update 2022 – Issue #1

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“Te Kawerau a Maki and the Crown initialled a Deed of Settlement way back in December 2013. When the treaty claim was finally signed in November 2015, Te Kawerau did receive some cash. However, three of the main economic opportunities were held back from Te Kawerau. Despite being itemised in Te Kawerau’s treaty legislation and Te Kawerau paying for Riverhead Forest, the Riverhead Forest land has not yet been returned, Paremoremo land was held back, and Te Onekiritea remains in doubt. The Te Onekiritea debate has only recently been put back on the agenda for discussion with Crown agencies.

Special General Meeting Notice

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Notice of Special General Meeting

Meeting details:

1. A special general meeting of Te Kawerau Iwi Settlement Trust (the Trust) will be held at Totara Room, Manukau Civic Building, 31 – 33 Manukau Station Road, Auckland on 20 November 2019, commencing at 7pm.

2. The meeting has been called to consider and vote on special resolutions as set out below.

Special Resolution:

3. The proposed special resolutions are as follows:
(a) To approve as a special resolution in accordance with clause 25.1 of the trust deed of the Trust (the Trust Deed):

Waitakere Kauri Dieback - Auckland Council's 5 December decision

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Auckland Council’s Environment and Community Committee voted on 5 December on options to address the spread of kauri dieback disease within the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. The Waitakere forest is the most heavily infected forest in the country, with the rate of infection to kauri more than doubling to at least 19% over the past few years. There is no cure for the deadly disease and evidence shows that humans are the primary vector of its spread via contaminated soil tracked on footwear. The Council's five options ranged from doing nothing to full closure of the Regional Park.


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Rationale and Background

June Newsletter

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Please click the attachment link to download the newsletter.

News updates

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We will be posting regular news updates here in the news section.

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